Frequently asked questions

Got some questions? Have a squizz here

Do you check all the paperwork and lodge it?

Absolutely! I check everything along the way to ensure it is filled in and completed accurately, and then lodge it all with Births Deaths and Marriages after your Ceremony. Makes things super easy for you. 

Can we use your PA (sound system) to play music during the Ceremony?

Yep! My PA can do microphones and music, so we're all good there. All you need to do is nominate someone to operate music during your Ceremony and I'll take them through what to do on the day. I'll supply all leads and the music person can use my phone (which I'll have downloaded your songs onto).

Can you help us with our vows?

Certainly can! In fact when you book in with me you'll have your very own Client Portal with an app for your phone, and inside the app you will have access to my Wedding Ceremony kit which includes helpful vow examples in all different styles for you to use as inspiration. Then I ask you both to email each of your vows to me separately (no peeking!) so that I can check for the same approximate length between them both. After this I print them out and put them onto clipboards for you to read from during your Ceremony. 

Does your PA (sound system) need a power source?

I have 2 different PAs that I use in different scenarios. I have 1 that is best when there's power available and 1 that doesn't need a power source. With the one that doesn't need a power source, we need to use a microphone with a lead and with the one we can plug into power, we can use a wireless microphone.